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One of the most frustrating things can be leaving a message on someone’s phone and not getting a return call or at the least a text back(at some point!)

I have no doubt the lady that left a message on my phone Wednesday is absolutely cursing me at the moment.  I haven’t returned her call and sadly I can’t.  You see, I couldn’t understand a word she was saying!

You would think that leaving a message on someone’s phone would be pretty basic and straight forward but obviously it’s not.  Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened to me.

Let me give you some really basic, but important tips.

  1. She spoke WAY to fast.  I was struggling to keep up and despite re-playing the message multiple time, I was none the wiser.  She could not have been in that big a hurry.  I understand that some message banks have small capacity, so in that case just leave your name and number and say it S L O W.  It’s not a frickin race! 
  2. As if the fact she was speaking too quickly wasn’t bad enough, she was not audible.  I don’t know where she had the phone or if she is a naturally quiet person but is sounded like 10 seconds of fast mumbling.  Speak up, you don’t need to yell but make sure you’re understandable.
  3. As a result of the above, I got neither her name nor her number.  As we know, it’s not uncommon for the line to break up for a split second or a bit of static as a result of the change of reception, so it’s always a good idea to repeat the number.

If you have experienced “no call return”, I suggest you leave a message on a friends or family members phone and play it back.  You might find out the reason they didn’t call you back!

Remember, the quality of your communication will ultimately determine the level of your success.

To your success.

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