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Are you credible?

As a speaker or presenter, appearing credible to your audience is vital.  Without credibility, you really have nothing.

Here are a few handy hints to really build up your credibility and leave the audience in absolute no doubt you are THE expert in your field.

Memorise Quotes.

If you’re using a famous or well know quote and your telling your audience that you live and die by this quote, it is your mantra then you better have it memorised.   If you have to read it from a piece of paper, well clearly, it’s not really your mantra. There goes your credibility.

Use Statistics or Studies

Using statistics and studies to support your opinions add credibility as a speaker.

Quote the source of any statistics you use.

Statistics or a study are a great tool to emphasise or support a point, but add in the source of that information and there are plenty of bonus credibility points to be had!    Example.  “A recent study by The John Hopkins University in California indicated that 77% of the adult population have some level of fear and anxiety when it comes to speaking in public”

Don’t Apologise

If you forget a point you wanted to make, Let it go and move on.  By you apologizing, all you are doing is highlighting your omission.  Here’s the thing, the audience don’t know what they don’t know.  Every time you apologize you peel another layer from your credibility onion.

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