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Corporate Workshops

“All good communicators are not leaders, but All good leaders are great communicators”

Build on your culture by developing your future and present leaders and managers.

I can tailor a range of Public Speaking and Communication programs which are educational and entertaining in a fun and safe environment.  These programs will improve individuals communication skills in every area of your organisation including all levels of management, sales and marketing, human resources, front of house staff and logistics. 

Your program will be tailored to suit the specific needs and desired outcomes of your organisation.

Let’s have a chat about how improved speaking and communication skills can help your entire organisation.

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“Con delivered his Effective Public Speaking course to the staff at Mates in Construction SA in 4 x 3 hour sessions. to suit our needs and we have noticed the bebefits almost immediately. The staffpicked up some great presentation skills and learned how to structure and continually evaluate our training sessions.It was also fun and real team building exercise. we would happily recommend his services.”

Alan Suridge, CEO, Mates In Construction SA