About - Con Koutsikas Public Speaking and Communication Trainer and Coach
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The Quality of Your Communication Will Ultimately Determine the Level of Your Success

Con is an accomplished engaging and entertaining keynote speaker, trainer and certified coach who is passionate about helping businesses and individuals create greater success by teaching speaking and communication skills. These skills contribute to improvement and better outcomes in every area of business, such as sales, customer service and controlling fear and anxiety around presenting your thoughts and ideas (standing up and speaking out).

With over 30 years of practical commercial experience from business ownership and senior management roles, which included more than 25 years of high-level sales expertise and combined with his years of corporate training and coaching, Con delivers programs well supported by theory, ‘the what and why’ but steeped with direct practical applications, ‘the how’.


Con is also  the host of his popular podcast, ‘A Cuppa with the Con Versationalist’
Now, more than ever, speaking IS the new competitive advantage. How we communicate with our customers, staff, colleagues, stake holders’ potential employers and our friends and family is vital, indeed, improved communication skills will positively impact every area of your life.


Con’s fun and interactive programs have helped hundreds of people become more confident and effective speakers and communicators by taking a holistic approach, dealing with the 4 key pillars of communication which are present in every human interaction, mind, body, voice and language and provide practical strategies and tools which participants can implement immediately.


It’s no wonder his workshops fill well in advance!

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