FAQ's - Con Koutsikas Public Speaking and Communication Trainer and Coach


Yes, everyone is welcome. They are open to the public.
There is no simple answer. The amount of hours will depend on your current level of experience and the level you would like to achieve.
Absolutely, Not all businesses have the same training requirements so with consultation, I’ll create a program to deliver specific, desired outcomes.
Improved speaking and communication skills will benefit everyone in both their professional and personal lives.
Yes, Improved speaking and communication is not just for those looking to become professional speakers. The great Zig Ziglar said “one of the best ways to improve your confidence is to learn to speak in public”
I have worked with many sales professionals. Having more than 25 years of high level sales experience myself, I know the value of having great communication skills.
My program is very interactive and practical so to make sure all participants get enough time, my experience tells me 10 is the magic number.