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Are you ‘magically’ distracting your audience?

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by magicians.

How do they show you the coin in the hand, then show you both hands open and no coin, then, presto, they pull it out from behind their ear?!

Well, the mystery was recently solved after watching a YouTube video.  Simple, yet clever.  The magician asks the participant to hold one of his hands. The participant, now being focused on that hand, allows the magician, with stealth,  to use the other hand, unnoticed by the participant, to ‘magically’ place the coin behind his ear.

He is distracting the participant / audience from what he is ‘really’ doing.

So, my question to you is are you subconsciously distracting your audience from your message?

Do you:

  • Nervously fidget with your hands?
  • Speak very quickly?
  • Speak very soft and or you are monotone?
  • Throw your hands around with no purpose or connection to your message
  • Either pace rapidly on stage or jump around from one leg to the other?
  • Find it difficult to make any meaningful eye contact? 

if you answered yes to any of these, then you are ‘magically’ hiding your message!

Your audience is so focussed on these distractions, they are not hearing what you have to say.   Your valuable message isn’t getting through.

So often people say, “I don’t do that”  when they clearly do.  One of the best ways to identify any distracting behaviours is to record yourself.  Once you are aware of the behaviours, you can go to work on resolving them.

To your success,

Your Public Speaking and Communication Trainer and Coach

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