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Corporate sponsorship has been and is an especially important part of the commercial world.  Organisations such as sporting clubs, charities and even other businesses depend on the revenue from corporate sponsorship and in return the sponsor receives promotion of their brand in a variety of mediums.

One of these mediums is often events where sponsors are acknowledged and, in many cases, sponsor representatives are given an opportunity to address the audience.   As a level of ‘normality’ returns after the pandemic, we are all attending more live events.  I recently had the pleasure to attend one of these such events and as expected, sponsors representatives were invited to the stage to say a few words.  What ensued was horrifying!

The representatives were poorly dressed and by poorly, I mean shirts were badly creased and not properly tucked in and their shoes looked more like runners.  However, what really compounded the issue was that they had no idea how to hold the microphone and so could barely be heard but the one who was remotely audible mumbled his way through with an unhealthy abundance of ‘ums’, ‘errs’ and ‘likes’, meaningless content and the odd failed attempt at humour.

If you or your company are sponsors, my question to you is who is representing your organisation at these events? Like it or not, your representative reflects your brand.  It’s fair to say you take your business seriously, positively promoting your products and services, your high level of customer service and team ethos SO THEN WHYdo you not make sure your representatives are held to the same standard?

​The dressing part is obvious and dare I say, easy. Opportunities to promote your brand to an attentive audience can be rare and when it does arrive, you need to take full advantage!

Public Speaking and Communication are essential skills in today’s world.  Your representative needs to be articulate, engaging and be skilled at connecting with an audience.  Speaking skills are now one of the most sought-after skills by recruiters and employers.

Speaking IS the new competitive advantage…….Over to you.

To your success

Con aka The Con Versationalist

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