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For those who are actively looking for work as a result of recently losing their jobs, looking for a career change or looking for a job which offers promotion within their chosen field, one thing is common……all interviews are currently conducted via an online medium such as Zoom and unless you turn off your camera, surprise, surprise, they can see you!  Just like in a face to face interview, you are being judged and assessed for your suitability for a role based on a number of professional and personal criteria and like it or  not, humans are wired for bias.

So why then do people attend like they and the background are invisible?   I hear stories of people attending in their active wear or looking like they have just woken up, the house looking like a pigsty and worse.   The labour market is more competitive than ever before and as such, you need to make sure you control ALL the things you can control in your environment.  You need to create the mentality that the interview is being conducted on YOUR home ground.

I’m not going to go into interview prepping, I’ll be speaking to a professional on my “A Cuppa with The Con Versationalist” program in the coming days but here are a few tips to make sure you make a good impression and improve your success rate.

Find a Quiet Spot

You want to be able to focus on the interview and the questions being asked so having a quiet spot is important.  You don’t want the TV or stereo blaring in the background.  Bad enough if you don’t hear the question but worse if you miss hear and answer the wrong question!

Dressed Appropriately

Present for your Zoom interview the same way you would attend a face to face interview. Make sure your hair is brushed, combed or however you wear it and ladies, if you would normally wear make up to an interview, wear if for this.

Body Language

It amazes me how many people dismiss the value and importance of body language in an online interview.  The fact is, it’s vital you use appropriate eye contact to create trust and build rapport.  Here is a pro tip.  Stand up.  If possible, set up your device so you can stand up.  The object is not so they can see you in body length, in fact you still only want to be seen as sitting but standing in your power pose increases your confidence by up to 25%.  The body produces endorphins, serotonin and more.

Check the Lighting

The interviewer wants to get to know you on many levels.  They are looking to see who the real you is.  Make sure the lighting provides an accurate reflection.  You don’t want to look like you’re in a dudgeon and you also don’t want the glare to blind them.

What’s In the Room?

So you have gone to the trouble to dress up, good lighting, remember the interviewer can see what’s behind you!  Make sure the lounge room hasn’t got the empty pizza boxes and wine bottles strewn all over the room from last night’s party.  If the quiet spot is your bedroom, tidy up your room.  Make the bed and hang up the last 10 outfits that are scattered on the bed and floor.  Here is another pro tip.  Check your wall art.  In a world of political correctness gone mad, what you find funny or artistic, someone may find down right offensive.

Make Sure the Other Members of the House Know.

You don’t want you house mate or the kids barging in during your interview.  If you have little ones, get them looked after.  Take the necessary steps to make sure you are not interrupted.

Do a Test Run

Your prospective employer will advise you of the particular platform they will be using to conduct the interview.  Make sure you are familiar with that platform.  It would be catastrophic if you could not connect and missed your opportunity.  Practice with a friend or family member to make sure the lighting is right and you have the view that best suits you.  Be professional.  Preparation is key.

All the best with you interview and as always, I look forward to your feedback and comments.

Until next week, my name is Con and I am The Con Versationalist.

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