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How relatable are you?

I was watching a video of a new client recently speaking to a group of year 11 and 12 high school students.

He spoke confidently and whilst he had had things we needed to work on, the first thing that got me were the stories and analogies he was telling to make his point.

His stories were all about motor sport and in particular, Formulae One Racing.

All interesting stories but I’m betting at least half the audience, (the girls), for the most part, cared as much about motor sport as I care about knitting!

So, what’s the problem Con?

One of the most important, if not THE most important thing when speaking to any amount of people, is to make a connection, and the way we make connections is by being relatable.  Your audience need to be able to understand the stories and then relate to them in some capacity.

If you don’t get connection, you don’t retain their attention and if you don’t retain their attention, you might as well be speaking to an empty room!

Before you speak next time, make sure you know your audience and look at what topics and stories would be of interest to them to make sure you connect and retain their attention.

You’ll very rarely get 100% audience attention 100% of the time but by understanding who your audience is and what is off interest to them, you will have a greater chance to create that all important connection.

I look forward to comments and feedback.

To your success,


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