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Chaos In Review

There is no doubt the current pandemic is creating havoc in every aspect of our lives.  Hundreds of thousands of people losing their jobs literally overnight, thousands of small businesses closing, some sadly forever and an enormous strain on the health system.  There is fear, pain and suffering everywhere we look.

No one has any idea how long this will go on for.  Depending on what you hear or read, it could be anywhere from 3 months to maybe a year or more but the important thing is IT WILL END! This is not the end of humanity and civilization.  There will no doubt be some major changes at the other end but the human race will survive.  Will all this be in vain or can we all learn something from this experience, be it about business or indeed ourselves.  I’d like to share my thoughts with you.

The Majority of People Are Good

The ridiculous and unnecessary hoarding has been widely reported.  It has put unprecedented pressure on the supply chain and the most vulnerable of our community have been unable to buy essential items.  This is created by a minority in the community.  The majority of people are good and care.  The amount of support I have seen on line is phenomenal.  From other business owners providing support and information on line, people setting up support groups and grocery stands where you can take what you need or exchange items with no questions asked.  I’ve not seen anything like this ever.

There is Always Something You Can Do or Learn

It took a few days for me to process what was going on and how life and business as I knew it was changing and fast.  All face to face contact and workshops cancelled.  In the back of my mind I always knew I needed to have digital product and more on line events.  I have now been forced into doing what I always knew I needed to do.  How can you diversify?  I read about a chain of hotels in Sydney that started selling essential goods.  Think outside the square and discount NOTHING.   It’s forced me to learn a new skills like Zoom.  The great Les Brown said “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than to get an opportunity and not be prepared” What can you do to prepare for the opportunities on the other side.

Support Groups

If you are not part of a Mastermind group or some kind of network support group, you should be! What I also found concerning is that some are abandoning these as a cost cutting measure.  This is the time we need support and guidance.  I urge you to reconsider.  As a collective, we will get through this.

Be More Visible, Not Less

We all have value and useful information to share and we need to share more of it and more often.  We will come out the other side and when that does happen the people and businesses that continued to be top of consumers mind will reap the rewards.  Don’t slow down, ramp it up.   Social media costs nothing but your time.

Don’t Be Embarrassed to Ask For Help

We are usually quick to “bank and government bash” and I have sure been guilty of that in the past but right now the level of assistance is unprecedented.  With loan repayments able to be put on hold and business grants and loans just to mention a couple, help is available.   Quick disclaimer:  This is not financial advice. Don’t assume you don’t qualify.  Speak to your financial institution, accountant or financial advisor or go on line.

Don’t Go Out Unless You Have To

The sooner we get the flattening of the line the sooner our lives will get back to normal.  We need to practice social distancing and washing our hands regularly.  This virus is super contagious and whilst for the majority of the population it is not fatal it can be for the elderly and people with pre-existing health conditions.

We are definitely in unchartered waters and there will be new challenges every day but I am a firm believer that this situation will create enormous opportunities.

Good luck and stay safe.

Until next week, my name is Con and I am “The Con Versationalist”

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