ARE YOU GIVING YOUR AUDIENCE INFORMATION INDIGESTION? - Con Koutsikas Public Speaking and Communication Trainer and Coach


We are inundated with the message that we need to ‘over deliver’ content and value to our customers or potential customers.  In one respect its right but we need to be careful that we don’t overwhelm our audience and give them ‘information indigestion’.

If you are like me, and you are putting together a workshop or presentation, you feel compelled to want to ‘jam pack’ it and share all you know because you know the positive impact it has and the benefit to the audience.

There is a great quote I recently read, “Give your audience what they need to know, if they want more they will ask”.   Let me explain.

You wouldn’t sit down for dinner at a restaurant and eat a whole chicken and even think about dessert, would you?  You’ll have a nice piece with maybe a few vegetables and once you have digested, you may ask to see the dessert menu.  You may even then order a dessert.  Your audience is no different.  They can’t eat a whole chicken and then have dessert!

We need to provide the relevant content and keep it easily digestible.   Typically, we can only process so much info in a small amount of time, so when you think you are delivering loads of quality information, the likelihood is that your audience has become overwhelmed and as a result have become disengaged.

Giving them what they need to know leaves the door open for future conversations and potential future presentations which go deeper into the areas that might be of particular interest to them.  After all, they may not be interested in every aspect of your presentation.

Don’t give your audience information indigestion, make sure they ask for dessert.

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Con aka The Con Versationalist

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